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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pink See Through Fantasia

The Pink-See Through Fantasia is  a pink sea cucumber with transparent “skin“. Its Latin name is Enypniastes eximia.

It is found 2,500 metres below the surface of the Celebes Sea.
This area is often described as a
"cradle of biodiversity for shallow water marine animals"

It was discovered by an expedition of UK Scientists only 2 years ago.

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  1. Beautiful. God is amazing! Truly breath taking... its hard to fathom that we live on the SAME PLANET as brilliant creatures such as these.

    1. The creatures that live in the sea are truly amazing. I know from studying marine biology that there is still so much to learn, so many undiscovered species. 95% of the sea is still unexplored, think what could be living out there , undiscovered!!!

  2. This is amazing!!

    1. I know ! Feel free to check out my other posts on more amazing creature and facts! also feel free to follow me on twitter (@AmberChatten95) and facebook (Pink Sea Through Fantasia) and subscribe to my email mailing list. Thanks for Visiting !!!